Here is a casual copy and paste job from my ‘brothers’ blog, (Look now!) I think I will do it because I think I love it..

‘People are always using words like love, passion, ambition…always saying that they think this or they think that… but #SoWhat – SHOW ME THE MONEY!!

#SoWhat if you “love” your man. Maybe you are still 12 years old and you still believe in unicorns and pixie dust and you think love is just about having this feeling in your chest and kissing on park benches – Let me tell you now it’s not. Unfortunately some of us live in the real world – love (in a serious relationship) needs to manifest itself into PHYSICAL ACTIONS. Do you look after your man, show him that you care? Do you do for him what matters to him – cooking a meal, surprising him with sexy outfits every now and again, discussing and planning a FUTURE together (buying a house, savings etc)…How about shutting your face when he is watching match of the day of playing Call of Duty (I am joking maaaan)

#SoWhat if you “love” your woman. Mate, you need to grow up (if you haven’t) you need to learn how to treat and respect  a 2011 woman. Unfortunately they do not want to be stuck in the Kitchen every night – and they shouldn’t be as they work as well – so you need to treat them, don’t be afraid to jump in the Kitchen to cook for her or take her out for a nice meal. Listen to her dreams and aspirations and see where you can fit in to motivate and support. Do not be afraid to show affection and make her part of your plans…marriage, kids etc. Protect her at all costs and always defend her in public even when she is wrong (blast her head off later though). And make time for her, you can pause the COD at least.’

In my opinion these words are very smart and very true. We should try not to be crazy and we should try not to be blinded by love, simple. Instead lets take a walk through the real world of 2011. Although there is a fine line between respecting yourself and respecting your ‘other’, in nice shoes anything is possible. Thankyou brother Olumighty, the most casual guy I know.

Negative thoughts into positive actions.


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