It can be very …


It can be very easy to give advice, and very rewarding to give good advice. The real ultimate test though, is to follow your own, and make improvements to your life. If you are not happy with something, change it. yes. If only we had all the power. Now I feel like I have no power at all. Like life is a longer waiting game than I ever expected.

Somebody recently told me that they view every situation or opportunity as an example of profit and loss. They remove feeling from every decision and focus on the real, hard facts. As much as this is kilometres away from my ‘human’ life philosophy, maybe I/maybe we could think about this.

Perhaps it won’t happen like I thought, but I hope that it will happen in the end. Happy Monday.



Extremely stunning visuals. It’s like all of my favourite editorials rolled into one. Great great let’s watch it again…

From Robert Fra…


From Robert Frank ‘Storylines’.

‘Stories are necessary, enchanting, evocative things; but they can also be the means by which our dreams are traduced or defused, defiled or filed away. We learn to read sidewise. We learn to read by the light of secret planets and signs.’

So, i have recently spend a nice little bit of time in the library and found some beautiful things. I hope a two month gap between posts is fine… In that time I seem to have lost the ability to write, but look..

the glass and everything else. great.

‘I think craft or working with your hands is fundamental to being human. Making is life to me.’

Nicely put Stephen Wessel, one of the last remaining producers of entirely hand-crafted flutes. The power of the human is proven? Perhaps some of the biggest problems in design, and otherwise, may have simple, HUMAN solutions; a sensitivity to the human condition becoming more valuable than any machinery replacement. This can only be a good thing…